How to Make Dominos Pizza Crust Recipe at Home

So that was the recipe of old pizza? Today we’re going to make Pizza Hut’s type Pizza at home. Hold on your pepperoni is and how to make it Dominos pizza crust recipe at home.

This is the series where we remake mash manufacturing fast foods but with classic cooking techniques with the intention to make them better browsing my comments and a lot of you were saying please out.

Pizza Hut and I said you know what. I’ll do my best. So that’s yeah I will let you know what is synopsis solar.

dominos pizza crust recipe

dominos pizza crust recipe

All right so here we go. how to make it Dominos pizza crust recipe at home Oh we got a taste both Domino’s Pizza and decide which is better and then compete only has three and a half stars on Yelp.

Can I just do a medium pepperoni pizza? Everybody can see Domino’s your next buddy boy. Jesus is homeless people. Is to a medium pepperoni pizza since 1867. I think my dairy ventures are awesome cool.

Thank you to the Domino’s in the Pizza Hut guys show up at the same time enjoy. Wait a minute Paul took 25 minutes they’re hearty here. Domino’s. Gets the first pick up 3 0. There you go a garlic butter thing on there on the crust.

Ok next. OK so pizza apparently arrived an hour and a half. Real soft

  • Kind of spongy. It
  • Just doesn’t taste good. Domino’s is the winner. Wonderful speech
  • For the locals. OK. It’s a pizza. I’m sorry.
  • How to Make Domino’s Pizza Dough
  • So let’s start off by making our dough. Now look if you want a really good dough the flour twist matters.
  • WTO Italian flowers what you want but all-purpose works in a pinch.
  • You need two and a half cups or 380 grams of that to that you’re going to add two teaspoons or.
  • 10 grams of sugar one and a quarter teaspoon or.

Brighton pizzeria

6 grams of fine sea salt and optionally half a teaspoon or one gram of diastolic static malt powder. how to make it Dominos pizza crust recipe at home I know it sounds fancy you can get it a lot of places just hopes with colour and flavour something around with wires attached to a metal stick until thoroughly Incorporated. OK, so here you’ve got one cup or tuner and.

  • 45 grams of water at around 100 degrees Fahrenheit or 37 degrees Celsius. To that, we’re going to have one and a half teaspoons or.
  • 5 grams of instant e makes it together and just let that sit for a couple of minutes until there’s a bubble a little.


Now here’s the best part of this recipe no machine required you can do this all by hand just pour all that liquid into your flour mixture mix it by hand to get a rough dose sort of looking like this dump it on your counter and then just start eating it need it for about 5 minutes until you get a roughly nice and smooth though no willful little sticky first but once you’ve needed it should come together and not sticks about you you just can’t handle you can always add a little sprinkling of extra flour but for the most part it needs to be pretty hydrated.

Now once you’ve got a nice velvety smooth ball like this she put into a slightly top ball by sliding around in circles on a counter giving your fingers in contact with the counters are sort of tightening it up like that. Willie greasy medium-sized bowl with extra virgin olive oil. how to make it Dominos pizza crust recipe at home ┬áToss you’re doing their cover with plastic wrap and let it rise for about one to two hours at room temperature until thoroughly doubled or alternatively you can let it go overnight in the refrigerator.

Fuhgidabowdit Pizzeria

Now if you’re doing it seem to you need to start preaching your of a never gonna need this pizza stone obviously please into the upper third of your oven and preheat the oven to 500 degrees Fahrenheit for at least an hour before you bake any pizzas.

Now let’s talk about pizza sauce. Look unless you live in Italy I really recommend just getting a 28 ounce can of peeled simmers on top tomatoes. They’re delicious and they’re from Italy. Plus less prep now I tend to be a little particular about this.

I like to remove the seeds whenever I do this so you can like pop them open for about the seeds separate them and then run the juice through a fine-mesh strainer. Then I’d like to add two cloves of garlic two tablespoons or 30 millilitres of olive oil salted tasted a large pinch of sugar then just blend that all together until nice and smooth and well that’s it. I mean if you want to cook it down and make a little thicker so doesn’t get too watery when baking totally can. But a lot of time I don’t and it’s still wonderful. Let’s talk about. It’s funny to me. Let’s talk about pepperoni okay. You can pick up the whole pepperoni at your local grocery store hopefully. I have a strong preference to slicing my own you can get them way thicker and they get that nice sort of like cups those peppy cups. Oh yes. That’s the goods like the slice I’m just a little thicker than about a quarter of an inch. OK so what’s your dough reach plump boy hours. You ready to shape before you do that you need to make a quick mixture of equal parts cornmeal and all-purpose flour. I did like a half cup and a half. Okay so once you’re ready to prep your dough first realize that you should have brushed your plastic wrap with olive oil.

Yeah. I was a stupid mistake lightly to the work surface with your cornmeal flour mixture. Divide your dough into two evenly sized pieces and sheep and the medium top all same way as we did before and place them on a generously dusted sheet tray with that flour sure you can cover with a lot of things actually just covered this with another she tray. Just be aware as you saw before the dough will stick to stuff and let them rest for at least 30 minutes. No all that’s resting let’s go in greeter cheese lead a total of three cups of grated cheese and I did equal parts of three different kinds of cheese here.

Topping Like Domino’s Pizza

We’ve got a nice smoked white cheddar a Monterrey Jack and mozzarella you can use fresh mats really can use part-skim whichever one you prefer. And then just great those on a course grader and then toss them all together. Now if you’re using fresh mozzarella I’d recommend cutting into really small cubes. Now when you make one more finishing touch you’ll see how we’ll use it but simply combine a quarter cup or 60 millilitres of extra virgin olive oil a good one with three cloves of freshly grated garlic and a generous pinch of the flaky salt mix until homogenized times cheaper pizza generously does to work service with your flour cornmeal mixture. Quench your pieces is still in place it on the work surface.

Generously does that. And then just punch around the senator sort of creating a very thin perimeter. Now trust me need to be careful your view. Make the perimeter too thick it will puff up and you’ll have a gigantic crust just drip the pizza over your hands and rotated around letting gravity sort of stretch it carefully. Go slow if you need to. Don’t make sure it doesn’t target too thin. Let’s say it’s too good too thin place back down just sort of stretch it out with roughly a 10 to 12-inch pizza places on a pizza field that’s also been generously dusted with your flour mixture.

Give it a thin coating of your sauce then your cheese will have your cheese that is or well how much cheese you want. I don’t know your pepperoni evenly dispersed as you can. And then carefully cause this B is hot. Slide it onto your ripping hot pizza stone and let it big for about five minutes and then broil for an additional minute and he should come out with a beautiful pizza after you pull it out immediately brush just the crust also called the crazy with that beautiful garlic oil we made just a second ago but you generously how to make it Dominos pizza crust recipe at home Don’t be scared a little cool a little slightly before you cut it and enjoy it just repeat with the other pizza.

How To Make pepperoni Like Domino’s Pizza

Italians listen up. I love you guys. I don’t think this is a representation of an Italian pizza. We’re battling Pizza Hut Domino’s. Okay, we’re not battling the entire country of Italy. So anyway oh I don’t even need to have a conversation about those pepperoni cups

With B but also melt your mouth at the same time the crust. Beautiful tear. Nice and chewy. That garlic oil that’s a spicy meatball. Whoa. The ugliest. Pizza the prettiest.

Mine. OK.

This you can smell the tomato the garlic the spicy pepperoni. Needless to say we definitely out Pizza Hut but I’m the winner. It’s me. Shoot it’s going to shoot winners going to win baby.

Do you wonder what else is going to out? Pizza Hut

Guys in that is it so we made pizza but not just ending pizza we made a pizza to our Pizza Hut and Domino’s I decided to throw Domino’s in the mix because well to me it felt kind of weird to just do Pizza Hut and just do Domino’s I figured why not do both.

I honestly think that there were some negatives to my how to make it Dominos pizza crust recipe at home I will say that for one I don’t think the bottom was as crispy as it should have been it was still kind of floppy which is a problem. The main reason for that is actually because it’s very hard to get the stone hot enough. If it weren’t for the immense amount of flavour and beautiful parents of the pizza I really think we might have almost lost simply because of that one factor.